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Ionic IONISE boiler ©

Ionic IONISE boiler, simple and powerfull

In the century when prices of the fossil fuels fly away of on average 13 % a year, the cost of the heating increases each year in the budget of house. Based on the maximal use of the energy via the electrolysis, the Ionic boiler IONISE © allows a considerable economy on the invoice of the end user.

No resistance is present, only plates make the ionization of the water and produce almost immediately the heat wished in the system of central heating, in new buildings or as a replacement of a old classic boiler (fuel oil, propane, natural gas, wood).

Almost nonexistent maintenance, ultra-fast installation, the price of the Ionic boiler IONISE © is lower than that of a heat pump with equivalent power.

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Quality, safety and environmental boiler

Réseau Galiance company worked out on the first Ionic boiler meeting the requirements for electrolysis of the European directives Low-voltage (2006/95/CE) and Magnetic Electro Compatibility (2004/108/CE), and agree to the Safety devices of central heating systems concerning the building (NF DTU 65.11) edited by the Scientific and technical Center of the Building in France called CSTB.

The concept was to adapt a military technology having showed its ability of lasting decades, in a domestic or collective heating circuit. With more than 5 years of experience feedback in working, our electric boiler by the electrolysis allows to reach considerable savings on thefuel, and on the gas propane butane in identical conditions of installations and using.

The simplicity of the mechanical system optimizes the life expectancy. The French manufacturing, in Alsace of the Ionic boiler IONISE © guarantees a quality product, the whole process is subjected to controls and strict tests.

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