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Boiler made in France

Based in Alsace (France), Réseau Galiance manufactures its ionic IONISE © boilers in compliance with laws and regulations of the French (social law, pollution standards, policies and practices of food safety and industrial).

Parts are either manufactured in-house, or wherever possible in France to ensure maximum responsiveness and impeccable quality.

What can not be produced in France is coming either from Germany or Sweden, countries known for their expertise and quality of finish of their products. 

We build with precision quality components. 

Our ionic IONISE © boiler is designed to last, and if necessary to be easily serviceable to last even longer.

Quality is top priority in terms of production: all the boilers are tested under heavy load on our test bench.

Ionic IONISE © boilers are a safe investment for decades, as opposed to heating systems with on-board electronics sometimes victims of planned obsolescence.

French quality, value guarantee.