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How it works

Electrical power for the calorific energy

The yield is achieved automatically and continuously without additional resistance, because of the transformation of the electrical energy into heat energy. The electrical current passes through circuit filled with distilled water to the boiler, which increases the conductivity of the heat transfer fluid increasing up to the requested temperature.

The rated power is reached almost immediately, without unnecessary energy consumption, limiting it to the strictly necessary. The electrical current that goes from one electrode to the other (50 times per second) is increasing the speed of electrons. With the ionic IONISE © boiler, it goes from a few mm/seconds to 280km/second.

A controlled energy consumption

The ionic IONISE © boiler continuously monitors its production of calories while adopting in the same proportion the consumption of energy, as a result of the variation of factor R (resistance) of the heated water in the circuit :

_ The energy consumption varies between 35 and 70 % (depending on the resistance of the water, the more important with the rise in temperature)

_ The power of the device is automatically adjusted in the same proportion, as if we had several machines of different powers (of 1, 2, 3, … , 24, 25 kW) and that permanently the system chooses the best suited, without a device, by the only water chemistry.

A system coming from the military thermo-technology

In the 1970s, the system of heating by ionization was a military thermotechnologie used in extreme conditions onboard in the submarines of former U. R. S. S, and on the aerospace stations before falling into the public domain after the fall of the Berlin wall. The three phase version was developed in the late 1990s.

Requiring little space, this heating system required a rapid rise in temperature, a absolute silence and extreme reliability to ensure the securing of the building. And this, without dependence on technologies of victims of the programd obsolescence.

The IONISE © system is the version of a regulated system having 20 years

Since its fallen in the civilian sphere, the craftsmen of the countries of Eastern Europe have installed frequently a derivative called “thermoblock”, a boiler only respecting the primary electrical standards but enjoying the performance of the ionization.


_ No link to earth in case of leakage of current on the ionizer, installation fully open with the risk of electrocution
_ No mechanical protection
_ Temperature-taking on the ionizer and not on the lines
_ Not mud pot against clogging of the ionizer
_ No plate heat exchanger to separate between the primary circuit and the secondary
_ Electrical wires branches without respect of electrical standards
_ No safety thermostat

Faults of designs have been readings on competing models as shown on the right in a checking of ionic boiler (problem of electrical safety, inappropriate dimension of the heat exchanger plate, of degassing.. ).

Some out of business companies had sold their own ionic boiler, but bad finished.

In 2007, our research and development team ensured its conformity to the European market, and optimized the harmonious operation of the system. Since 2008, Réseau Galiance marketed the ionic IONISE © boiler whose it is manufacturer to the professionals of the heating. Beware of imitations IONISE © which may contain failures.

The IONISE © boiler against programd obsolescence

Over the past decades, the industry has had as its main objective the only short-term profit, putting in the second plan of essential elements such as quality, non-toxicity, neglecting the respect of the environment and human. Our economical and ecological solution is designed to operate for decades without expansive repairs.

As presented in “a programd death of our devices” broadcast on France 2:

a study of the ADEME (Agency for the environment and management of energy) demonstrated that a repair price less than 1/3 of the initial price committed a systematic repair.

The ionic IONISE © boiler with its simple system perfectly fit in this context.

Save the annual maintenance required for the majority of heats

No annual maintenance required on the ionic IONISE © boiler, unlike the boilers supplied by gaseous fuels, liquid or solid. In France, this maintenance is also mandatory on all the heat pumps containing more than 2kg of refrigerant, which is the case for the majority of heat pumps.

However, it remains possible to voluntarily request a timely maintenance of the system to your installer. It consists of a simple control of the intensity, ensuring the effectiveness of the heating system IONISE © in time.

Each IONISE © boiler is manufactured in accordance with a strict protocol

Each boiler manufactured by Réseau Galiance is tested on the test bench, in agreement with a protocol validating all controls to the proper functioning of the machine. Our policy of investment in innovation and our know-how allows us to continue to improve the performance and savings by our ionic IONISE © boiler.

Through these years of exploitation, we have the necessary experience to ensure the savings made by our ionic boilers. Our heating solution allows you to fight against the increase of the prices of energy.